Best LEGO 60180 Review in 2020

Today we are looking at the LEGO City Group 60180 giant off-road vehicle. How is this small off-road vehicle performing? Hurry up and let’s take a look together.

This 60180 giant off-road vehicle consists of 192 bricks, including a Minifigure, a leaping platform, and two flame spray buckets. It is one of two extreme sports vehicles launched by Lego in 2018, and one is 60178. Although the extreme sports vehicles below the LEGO City Group are relatively simple, this time, LEGO added a simple suspension system to the 60180 giant off-road vehicle.

Let ’s take a look at the Minifigure inside 60180. I do n’t think there is much to say. It is a standard Lego Minifigure. The printing on it is more common. The shape is a very racing style, but it looks like it Something is missing.

We put this Minifigure in this huge off-road vehicle. Note that the installation of the Minifigure was put in from the roof. This car has no door. The steering wheel of this giant off-road vehicle is placed in the middle. Most of the vehicles in the Lego City Group have the steering wheel in the middle. Because this car has a large air inlet in the middle, it puts the doll After putting it in, it looks slightly strange, I don’t know if it will affect the driver’s field of vision.

As said before, the biggest feature of this car is the body. It is equipped with a simple suspension, with rubber bands on each side, and the suspension effect is simulated with rubber bands. The design of this suspension is very simple. Its four wheels are all independent suspensions. The two front tires and the two rear tires are all fixed together. When the suspension is in operation, either both the front tires are lifted, or the rear two tires are lifted, or the four tires are lifted together because its front and rear axles are both tires by a rod. Strung together, so there is no way to lift a single wheel.

Let ’s take a look at the sticker on the body. The grid flag seen on the track is also displayed on this large off-road vehicle, but it is used here to represent the grid flag. All of them use 1 × 1 small circular plates to simulate The effect of the checkered flag, without the use of stickers, so the shape of the checkered flag on the body looks very promising for the track championship.

The tires of this off-road vehicle are also relatively large and the tires are relatively stiff. At the head of the car, there are several grille air intakes, which make people think that this should be a large-wheel off-road vehicle converted from an American pickup.

With this off-road vehicle, there is also a leaping platform that allows you to take off-road vehicles from the leaping platform, and there are two flame jets next to each other, which can create such a scene: a giant wheel off-road vehicle from the leaping platform high Going high, the flame spray barrels on both sides spurted out flames. This should be one of the wonderful moments of the performance (the most exciting thing is the whole process, isn’t it?).

So when we are doing static, you can consider lifting the off-road vehicle like this to create the effect of taking off from the flying platform. Of course, you can also put the accessories aside and play this giant off-road vehicle alone, which is also good, especially suitable for boys to play.

Finally, let’s talk about the price. Its price on Amazon is about $25. This price is now a lot lower than when it was released. If you like, you can click on the link below to see real-time prices.

Of course, if you still feel a bit expensive, then you can also consider XingBao‘s giant off-road vehicle, its price is only $19.2. Click “Buy Now” below to buy.



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