Cheap LEGO Alternatives: 6 famous China Building Blocks Brand recommend

  1. QMAN: earliest building block brand in China, born in 1984

  2. BanBao: China’s first listed building block brand

  3. GUDI: The representative brand of China’s new generation of building blocks

  4. Sluban: A brand that was once brilliant and looks forward to another outbreak

  5. MITU: Representative of smart building blocks, invested by Xiaomi

  6. SEMBO: The dark horse of China’s building block market

1. QMAN Building Block

ENLIGHTEN BricksQMAN Building Block is one brand of Guangdong QMAN Culture Communication Co., Ltd. formerly known as Shantou Chenghai Huaxin Plastic Moulding Factory, founded in 1984. QMAN was born in 1994 to concentrate on small grain blocks and plug toy category.

In 1994, Qman was founded on “love”. Mr. Zhan Kehua brought building blocks from a foreign country as he came back from the trip, and the two children’s great interest in the building blocks inspired him to create original Chinese building blocks brand.

QMAN building block insists on high-quality and applies customized ABS materials with environment-friendly food grade. “QMAN” unceasingly kept adhering to independent research & development and innovation, injecting “craftsmanship” into each building block and persisting in high-quality products, and became the leading brand of the domestic building block industry.

Three brands of QMAN building block

  Relation Concept Mission
QMAN Established in 1994, a small-size building blocks parent brand Wonderful dreams come true Make it easier to realize dreams from children
LITTLE JOY Established in 2019, a medium-sized building blocks sub-brand Grow up and enjoy your childhood Build up a wonderful utopia with building blocks  for kids
KEEPPLAY Established in 2019, a small-sized building blocks independent brands. Keep the joy and play like a child Provide a paradise for consumers who want to play like a child

In 2018, the brand “QMAN” will be all-around upgraded, and QMAN Culture Communication is brick by brick developing as a culture innovation enterprise integrating original toy design, development and production, domestic and oversea terminal sales and animation film production and advertising.

2.BanBao Building Block

BanBao BricksBanBao building block is the brand of Guangdong Treasure Bond Educational Toys Co., Ltd.,(Simplified as BanBao) a sino-foreign joint venture specialized in educational plastic block toys and infant preschool block boys and founded in 2003.

BanBao sticks to the concept of “Coalesce teaching and entertainment, Combine brains and hands”, and created building blocks toys suitable for different age periods. BanBao has developed tens of thousands of blocks and export to over 100countrys and hundreds of thousands of families.

BanBao Building Block has passed many certifications such as 3C(China), ASTM(America), CE(EU) for its reliable quality. What’s more, BanBao is an authorized audit by ICTI (Int’l Council of Toy Industries), which is famous for corporate social responsibility and makes sure the products are manufactured in a safe and humane environment.

At present, BanBao has developed 25 types of building blocks includes Peppa Pig Series (brand-authorized), Snoopy Series (brand-authorized), Technology Series, Trendy Beach Series, Kung Fu Odd Men Series, Huili Truck Series, Princess Series, Police Series, Fire Fighting Series, Engineering Series, Military Series, Learning Table Series, etc. and never stop developing new products.

BanBao landed the Shanghai stock exchange main board market in 2015(code 603398), becoming the first listed company in domestic plastic blocks of the manufacturing industry.

3.GUDI Building Block

GUDI BricksGUDI building block is one brand of Guangdong Xin Le Xin S&T Culture Co., LTD.,a private S&T enterprise, founded in 2000. At present, this country owns many famous brands such as “GUDI building block”, “Changing Lord”, “King Kong”, “All-conquering” peg-top, “HuoSu” YOYO, etc.

GUDI building block was launched in 2013 and owned much popularity from the market and customers by specific originality, new theme, and outstanding quality. Its abundant series products including Alice Princess, Streetscape, Naval Fleet, Military Tank, Fire Rescue, Super Team, Modern Girls, Tiger Hunting, Legendary Pirate, New Bomb Squad, City Police, Aerospace, Earth Border and Star Supremacy, etc. While Aerospace, Military Tank and Modern Girls are more attractive to the market.

GUDI building block is at the leading level in building block industry of China and has a high reputation in blocks players for the high-quality, wonderful touch feeling and modern design. It is also deemed as one of the replacements of LEGO.

4.Sluban Building Block

SLUBAN BricksSluban Block is the brand of Shiji Youyi Toys Co., Ltd. which is a toy manufacturer concentrating on product developing, manufacturing, selling, and trading, founded in 2004. The company has a sound quality management system and its products are certified by various toy safety standards of China, America, and EU (passed ISO 9001:2000 and 3C).

Sluban developed near 400 Sluban series building blocks by taking “Multiple Intelligence Theory” as the product development philosophy which comes from the US Harvard University professor—Howard Gardner. So that the children can have all-round development intelligently, physically and mentally. The company launches over 60 new products and its annual sales volume has exceeded 3 million.

Sluban successively launched many classic series such as Three Kings Series, Pink Dream Series, Pirates of Caribbean Series, Army Force Series, Boom Squad Series, etc.

The first PLAN Liaoning series gained a strong positive response from the market by the excellent creativity, artificial aircraft sculpt, exquisite craftsmanship and patriotic theme.

5.MITU Block

XiaoMi Building BricksMITU Block is the brand of Beijing AIQI Technology Co., Ltd., an internet technology company concentrating on the research and development in the field of Artificial Intelligent and Robotic Technology.

AIQI gathered a group of dream, creative and curious young people and acquired a great number of patents in intelligent hardware areas. AIQI successfully developed DIY interactive robots that are easy-operated, able of studying and update armed with a powerful research team, production resources, and advanced technology and it offers much fun of man-robot interaction for modern life.

6.SEMBO Block

SEMBO Building BlocksSENBO Block is the brand of SENBO TOY Co., Ltd. which is a professional building block manufacturer focusing on toys developing, manufacturing and selling, founded in 2010.

SENBO Block is famous for excellent designing ability and various original works. In 2017, SENBO Block strived to create a “Black King” series which achieved much attention once launched. And in 2018, Girls series and S&T series came to market. Till now, The Wandering Earth series, Mechanical Code series and Street Scape series are very popular, while the Ultraman series owned the most fame (brand-authorized).

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