XingBao Building Blocks

XingBao building blocks is the brand of Guangdong meizhizhijiao technology co., LTD. (LEPIN belongs to this company too). Founded in December 2016, XingBao is a new building blocks brand that gathers the world’s best-known MOC authors and mass produces their excellent works.

XingBao building blocks insist on the core of originality, and all products are licensed by the MOCer. Famous MOCer licenses obtained include Arvobrothers, dimo culture, yiyitoys, etc. Products include Alien Movie, Building Series, Car Series, Cartoon Series, City Series, Creative Series, Girl Series, Military Series, Zhonghua Street, etc. Building Series, Car Series, Military Series are more famous.

Another feature of XingBao blocks is its compatibility with Lego, like LEGO Castle, Lego Creator, Lego City, Lego Minecraft, and Lego Technic, etc. China street series can form a Chinatown with the Lego City series.

XingBao building blocks are made of high-end UV printing in full-color boxes. They are packaged in bags according to the steps. Some of the products are signed by the authors.

XingBao building blocks’ design is unique, the quality is comparable to LEGO, and the price is affordable.


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