XingBao XB-03002 Vespa P200 Motocycle Review

Today we are going to review a romantic building block. He is the Vespa P200 Moto driven by Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Roman Holiday”, XingBao model-number XB-03002, the work of the Spanish Lego master MOCer Arov brothers. A copyrighted product.

First, let’s look at the packaging. The front of the box indicates that this building block is suitable for children 7-12 years old (actually needs adult help to complete, we will talk about it later), it contains 732 pcs (but after you finish, you will find left many). The back of the box provides manufacturer information and some other information, the more important is the information in the lower right corner, which indicates the color of the box’s building blocks. That’s right, there are two models of this building block, which are red and white. Our review is the white XingBao Vespa P200 Moto.

Let’s unpackage, and take a look. It contains the manual and the building block bag. The front of the manual is autographed by the author. The front page contains the author’s brief introduction in Chinese and English, photos of the author and representative works, and the subsequent products to be launched: the black domineering alien. We will also do a review later. The building block parts bags are packed in easy-to-tear bags and sub-packaged according to the steps.

After more than 2 hours of effort, our Vespa P200 was completed. After assembly, the overall feeling is that this motorcycle is not suitable for you to play with, because its parts are loose, so when playing, always worry about where the parts will fall off. It is more suitable for static display on the desk.

Next, let’s take a look at the details of this Vespa P200 Moto. His front wheel uses a single suspension design, and the rear wheel has support columns on both sides. Of course, these suspensions are springless, it’s just a look.

Speaking of its suspension, you can see that many parts on this lamb are such electroplated parts. These electroplated parts will look particularly beautiful and eye-catching. Compared with other brands of technology blocks such as Lego, the use of electroplated parts is very little. And the use of electroplated parts often means that the cost will be higher.

The seat on the car cannot be opened, but the front box can be opened and small things can be placed inside.

This set has a very deep memory for us, that is, the installation of the two tires is very difficult because it has the two small tires themselves are rubber tires, and then you have to break it apart and then install it on the wheel hub, It is very painful to achieve the effect of a real motorcycle tire. Believe me, despite the 7 to 12-year-old children written on the box, it can never be done without the help of an adult.


The advantages of this Vespa P200 Moto are:

  1. The shape is elegant, and the finished product is placed on your bookshelf, which is indeed very eye-catching.
  2. The price is cheap. This lamb has a total of 732 PCS, the price is only $40,  and the price is relatively affordable.

The disadvantages are

  1.  The building blocks are relatively loose, which is not suitable for playing in the hands, especially not suitable for children.
  2. Tying together tires is more laborious.

If you like this little Moto or a fan of “Roman Holiday”, consider buying one at home for display. You can click the button below to buy it(don’t forget to use discount code).

If you need to hold a motorcycle in your hand, I suggest you consider the high-tech motorcycle 42036 or 42063.

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EDIT: if you are in Germany, you can buy it in with this link(affiliate link).

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