XingBao XB-06020 China Aircraft Carrier 001A Liaoning Review,XingBao VS Sluban,Who Will Win?

Today we are doing XingBao: Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning 001A, model number XB-06020.

Take a look at the package first. The lower-left corner of the front of the box shows that it contains 1,379 bricks, which are suitable for children over 6 years old, but is it a bit reluctant to let 6-year-old children build more than 1,300 building blocks?

The back of the block box standardizes its functions. In the upper right corner, there is a gift remover, which is very useful in the actual assembly process.

Let me talk about the feeling of the building. During the building process of this aircraft carrier, the building blocks feel good and the building is reasonable. Throughout the building process, it not only reflects the playability of the building blocks but also does not make you crazy. There are one or two military building blocks, which still makes us feel crazy, but we do not have this feeling for this aircraft carrier.

After hours of hard work, our XingBao’s 001 aircraft carrier Liaoning has been completed. Let ‘s measure the size of this Liaoning. From the bow to the stern of the deck, its length is almost 57.6 cm, and its width, as you can see, there are many communication antennas on the side of the ship. Measured from the top to the other end, its width is almost 18.4 cm, and its height is 13.8 cm from the bottom of the ship to the top of the mast. This size of the measurements is much smaller than that of Sluban Liaoning’s aircraft carrier, but It has a lot of highlights.

Let’s start with the details. Since it is an aircraft carrier, it is indispensable for the aircraft. This aircraft carrier has 4 J-15 fighters. The J-15 is all made out of building blocks, and Sluban’s aircraft carriers, their The J-15 is a one-piece molded part. In terms of appearance, it is undoubtedly the Sluban’s J-15 looks better, but this is a building block product after all, so you can use the building blocks to build a J-15, which is more in line with the building block products. Its own qualities. He also brought a helicopter. According to the actual situation, this helicopter should be a Ka-28 anti-submarine helicopter, but after making the building blocks, it looks a bit cute.

Put these planes and helicopters aside. let’s take a good look at this aircraft carrier. The bow part is a leaping deck. The production of this leaping deck uses some connected hinges, and then the curvature can be made. The effect is quite good, although it is made of building blocks. The Liaoning warship of Sluban was made of a large one-piece molded part. At the bow, you can also see that it designed the anchor. It is made with an operating lever and a hook, but is this anchor’s shape a bit cute?

Looking at the hull again, sonar and communication antennas are set up on the hull. In the middle of the hull, you can see that there is a mechanism here. This mechanism controls the lift platform on the other side of the aircraft. The lift platform’s take-off and landing are all realized by this mechanism.

There is also the bridge. Although the bridge is relatively small, I think it has a very good reduction degree for the entire Liaoning ship. Even you can see that such small hanging windows are all realized by building blocks. Compared to the aircraft carrier bridge made by Sluban, XingBao’s bridge is undoubtedly more detailed, and the overall bridge effect made will make you more satisfied.

Looking at the back, it is the stern. At the stern, we can see various defensive weapons. It is especially worth seeing that the designer used a short building block and Minifigures’ hand was grabbed on a small round rod. Simulation of the forbidden ship gun, this design makes people feel very idea.

There are 4 propulsion shafts on the bottom of the ship, and the rudder can turn left and right. In addition, we need to say that we turned it all over the bottom of the boat, you can see that there are still 4 tires underneath it, which means you can use this boat as a car and push it on the table Push to play.

This XingBao 001 carrier set has a lot of technology components inside, which are mainly used to create various organs. You can see that the take-off position is designed at the bow, there are two take-off points, and there are boards on the back that can be raised. The design of XingBao, he should use the catapult to launch the aircraft out, but now the domestic 001a aircraft carrier does not use a catapult, or standard acceleration and take-off takeoff mode, which is the same as the real Liaoning. It is possible that other new domestic aircraft carriers will use electromagnetic ejection equipment in the future.

here are two disadvantages points:

First, because of XingBao’s part accuracy problems, the lifting platform is not flexible when used.

Secondly, all the decorations on the deck of this aircraft carrier are stickers, and its stickers are all long strips. You can easily tear them when you tearing. If you stick them after tearing, it will be difficult to put them in place.

This XingBao 001a Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning ship has a total of 1,379 Pcs. The current price on our website is $53(with discount code), and the price is free shipping. This price is relatively affordable, if you want to buy this Aircraft Carrier XingBao Liaoning, please click the button below to shop.

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